Bouquets and Arrangements

Our complete range of bouquets and arrangements are suitable for all occasions. Whether you need a bouquet for someone who likes to arrange their own display or need an arrangement that will look after itself, we have something to suit.

Order Bouquets and Arrangements

Presentation Bouquet

If your recipient likes to arrange flowers in a vase, then this is the style for them. Beautifully presented and finished with a matching bow with a budget to suit everybody.

Hand-tied Bouquet

This is an ideal way to present flowers to somebody who has perhaps been unwell, or just had a baby or maybe you know they just want to receive their flowers and enjoy them straight away as this style comes already arranged and can go straight into a vase!

Aqua Pack

As a hand-tied bouquet but this display comes in its own bubble of water so your recipient can just receive them and enjoy them.

Living Vase Arrangement

A living vase arrangement is a lovely coloured box, finished with a coordinating bow, filled with an arrangement of flowers in oasis, using flowers and colours of your choice. A very easy arrangement to look after and enjoy.

Basket Arrangement

Offering displays in a range of baskets and sizes and budgets, however the most popular is a trug, filled to the brim with seasonal, scented flowers of your choice.

Vase Arrangement

An arrangement beautifully presented in a hand-tied vase or a hurricane vase, depending on the selection of flowers. This arrangement means the flowers are to be enjoyed as soon as they are received and of course, the recipient gets to keep a nice vase after for any flowers you may send them in the future!

Silk Arrangements to Order

Do you need a permanent display of flowers? If so, then bring your ideas to us, perhaps a photo of where you would like the flowers to be situated, the dimensions you require and the colour and type of flowers that you would like. Silk flowers are just getting better and better and we have done arrangements where some of our customers couldn’t tell if the flowers were fresh or silk!